#11 in Cardioscopy

#34 in Psychopediatrology

#602 in Gastropulmocologiatric Esophoreneatry

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Community Illness Registry

Federal Law now requires us to report the illnesses of local community members on a public website, for safety purposes. If you have an illness and are not listed in the table below, please e-mail us and we will add your name and affliction.

J. Smith Flu
R. Johnson Allergies
M. Williams Weird Sex Illness
C. Jones Tried To Stick Something In Rectum
E. Brown You Should Probably Stay Away From Him
I. Davis Don't Ask
D. Miller Seriously Crazy
B. Wilson Smells Awful
A. Jackson Watch Out, Contagious For Sure
F. White Just Plain Old
R. Thompson If You've Seen Him, You Wouldn't Have To Ask
J. Phillips Mystery Virus, don't touch him