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No matter what you've got, we can store you here. Our hospital has seen it all, from projectile vomiting to explosive diarrhea, and we've got it all on tape. Not that you've clicked on this page if you want the tapes. Although we're getting set to release our first set of crazy vomiting episodes this fall. Hurls Gone Wild, Volume 1. Gonna be a big hit, we can taste it.

No, you've clicked here because you want to know more about whatever crazy disease you've given yourself because of immoral behavior or impure thoughts.

And we can help. Click here for our A-Z list of diseases we treat here at St. Deathsdoor. Click here to find out how to cure yourself with herbs. Click here for our web-based herpes treatment. Click here to share your illness with the community. Click here to wish your obesity away, and click here for our surgery home guide, so you can take your medical matters into your own hands.