#11 in Cardioscopy

#34 in Psychopediatrology

#602 in Gastropulmocologiatric Esophoreneatry

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Get A Disease

Touch the following hospital surfaces to contract the disease of your choice:

  • Bed, patient room: scabies, lice, cholera
  • Doorknob, lobby bathroom: chlamydia, gonorrhea.
  • Patient, any: diabetes, herpes I, herpes II
  • Syringe, out in the open somewhere: hepatitis C
  • Hospital floor, with our without shoes: pneumonia, bronchitis
  • Doctor, elderly, moustache: AIDS
  • Water fountain, 16th floor: diarrhea, polio
  • Intern, most: poverty, debt
  • Marybeth, nurse, 12th floor: halitosis
  • This website: depression, hopelessness