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Web-Based Herpes Treatment

Herpes Removal Instructions

Disclaimer: The following procedure is to be used at your own risk!

St. Deathsdoor Hospital assumes no responsibility for any problems that may result from your use of the steps or tools described within this procedure. Once a person has been infected, attempts to treat the infection can result in further damage, data loss or additional problems.

BEFORE you start, UNDERSTAND something very clearly. If the steps below do NOT fix your herpes, you have super-herpes, and you are going to die.

Step 1. Update your Anti-herpes software program. If you do not have an Anti-herpes software program, please download a free version and update it. Do not run this yet. NOTE: do NOT install an additional Anti-herpes software program if you currently have one, as this may cause further sores.

Step 2. MAKE SURE YOUR ANTI-HERPES IS FULLY UP TO DATE, with the latest virus signatures, BEFORE continuing.

Step 3. Turn OFF "System Restore" (this applies only to herpes infections on Windows ME and Windows XP, not to face or genitals).

[WARNING: Turning OFF System Restore means you will NOT be able to ROLL BACK your herpes to the current state it is in.]

Step 4. Restart your mouth in "SAFE MODE" by pressing/tapping F8 while brushing your teeth.

Step 5. Delete your TEMP sores by doing the following: Open up your mouth. Click on tools. Internet Options. General TAB. Temporary Internet Files. Delete Files. Grab tweezers. Poke at sores. Wipe pus. Close folder. Restart system.

Step 6. Run a scan with your "Anti-herpes Program" or ask a friend to tell you if they can still see any herpes sores.

[NOTE: If your "home" has a Quarantine feature, you may use this until your sores clear up and you can go outside again.]

Step 7. Reboot your face into NORMAL MODE.

REPEAT STEPS 1 to 7 THREE TIMES, as some herpes can be very elusive.