#11 in Cardioscopy

#34 in Psychopediatrology

#602 in Gastropulmocologiatric Esophoreneatry

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We don't believe in the traditional specialties here. We believe a doctor is a doctor, and if you can treat horses, you can treat people, and if you can remove blackheads, you can remove eyes. But just because the "ranking mafia" at U.S. News insists on it, we have randomly divided our doctors into practice areas, and we are proud to say that our staff ranks #1 (out of 1) in each of the following specialties, sub-specialties, and sub-sub-specialties:

  • Abortion Transplant
  • Brain Management
  • Cardiospony
  • Dermatodentistry
  • Disaster Allergology
  • EPT / Otolarynoscopic Endocrinology
  • Gastrofacial Surgery
  • Interventional Gynecological Podiatry
  • Neonatologic Gerontology
  • Nuclear family medicine
  • Paternal-fetal Rheumato-ophthalmology
  • Plastic / Reconstructive Immunologic Anesthesiology
  • Urologic Psychiatry