#11 in Cardioscopy

#34 in Psychopediatrology

#602 in Gastropulmocologiatric Esophoreneatry

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What Did You Swallow?

1. Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

2. Is it an endangered species?

3. Is it valuable?

4. Is it your wedding ring?

5. Is it someone else's wedding ring?

6. Is it a ring pop?

7. Is it a popsicle?

8. Is it bicycle?

9. Is it bigger than a breadbox?

10. Is it a breadbox?

11. Is it bread?

12. Is it read?

13. Is it a book?

14. Is it made of paper?

15. Does it have numbers on it?

St. Deathsdoor concludes.... you swallowed.... your hospital bill. Please report to the Collections Desk so that we can issue you a new one.